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Fattay aka Anthony Bush grew up in North Bend, WA. Born and raised most of his life there, and attended Chief Kanim Middle School, where he met Leigh Solemn aka Shifty. They become best friends throughout middle school, and both had a passion for music, rap in general. In November of 2003 Fattay had moved from his hometown to a small town called Naches near Yakima, WA. Shortly after moving, Fattay had become very emotional; his outlet for his emotions was putting the pen to the page and telling his story through rap. When he first started, he had a lot to prove. Knowing virtually nothing about hip-hop or writing music, his initial batch of music wasn't very appealing.

He never really learned from anybody though, just picked up a mic and piece of paper. Fattay used to write about whatever he could, even if he had never actually experienced it. He realized that writing rhymes about things you haven't experienced was embarassing, and knew he had to change. Now he only writes about his life experiences, and that in general made him a lot better. Fattay was the main man on the Universal Soldiers' first album, titled "Welcome to the U.S." About 4 months after this CD had dropped, Fattay and Leigh Solemn entered a studio near Detroit, MI and teamed up to create their second album, titled "The Reincarnation".

Fattay's emotions were flowing, and he began writing his own album titled "The Next Step". This album was never publicly released, and only a few people to date have heard this C.D.

Then, in May of 2006, Fattay decided to start the label, "Real Hype Records". He had worked with a very reputable and respectful artist from Seattle, named Halfbreed. Fattay quickly moved on to artists out of the area. He also began to work with Survival, from Boston, MA. They had a great vibe working together, and Fattay invited Survival to join Real Hype Records. Survival happily accepted. Fattay began working on his first public solo album, titled "Fattay Vs. The World". This album was slated for a release in January of 2007. When January rolled around, the album was ready and was released. The hit single "Guess Who's Back" was played at the Naches Valley High School Winter Tolo Dance. Guess Who's Back was also a popular track for Fattay's fans, as it people quickly added it to their MySpace pages.

After the relase of "Fattay Vs. The World", Fattay continued to create quality music. He decided to drop another solo album, this time in early June. Fattay finished recording in May, and started selling his sophomore solo album, "Back To Basics" in June of 2007. The digital version is still on sale at Amazon.com.

In March 2010, Fattay released his 3rd solo album, titled "Relentless". This album has been his best success yet. The album is currently for sale at Amazon.com in both physical and digital versions.

Only a year after "Relentless", Fattay released his most successful album to date. This album, titled "Life Behind Bars" was a huge success. Shortly after its release, the album rose to #1 in West Coast Hip-Hop on Amazon MP3. Following the success of "Life Behind Bars", Fattay got back to work with Leigh Solemn on their new group project for 17Squared. The project, which has not yet been released has been shelved. It may never formally be released.

Disappointed that the 17Squared album was shelved, and dealing with writers block Fattay wanted to put out some unreleased material the fans had never heard. In August of 2013, Fattay released a 28 track free mixtape titled "Imported from 313". The mixtape is still available for free dat DatPiff.com

Today, Fattay is currently working on his 5th solo album, titled "Moment of Silence". This album is scheduled for a Q1 2017 Release, with production from Sinima Beats, Mister KA, Johnny Juliano, and Marku$. Who knows what the future will hold in store for Fattay?

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