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If there is one word to describe HalfBreed, it is "real". HalfBreed is a very talented young man. He ain't afraid of anything, he stands up for what he believes in, and doesn't take shit from nobody.

HalfBreed is 100% true to himself. He has worked so hard and is up to work with a lot of people. He ain't playin nobody when he tells you he's robbed someone. He ain't playing when he talks about getting sliced and diced. HalfBreed, is real. HalfBreed is a resident of the 206, aka Seattle. HalfBreed met Fattay in early 2006. They both got the passion for music, and did a few collabs. Fattay started Real Hype Records, and invited HalfBreed to join. Without a doubt, HalfBreed is now the biggest artist, on our Real Hype Records. Halfbreed currently runs his own label MystikProductions but of course is part of Real Hype Records. You can find Halfbreed in all mixtapes and albums that have been released on Real Hype Records. He has dropped a solo album titled "Allow Me to Demonstrate" and is working on his next solo album, titled "Judge Me Wrong".


It's Real Hype all day!

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